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R&D Activities


A radical reworking of Chekhov's classic vaudeville farce. Developed during a week-long workshop, we explored the dramaturgical connections between psychoanalytic theories (Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Žižek) and Stanislavskian methodologies.


The Bear

By Anton Chekhov

Co-directed with Francesca Camozzi

Out of Joint (May 2012)


Featuring: Romina Boldasu, Stewart Marquis and Justin Segal



I Wish I Was Young

By Phil Ormrod

Southwark Playhouse (July 2015)


Featuring: Vinette Robinson and Jack Farthing





A new play about desire, deferral and destruction by Phil Ormrod (Northern Stage, ARC, Arcola) with support from Southwark Playhouse.


Hannah and Luke are going to the seaside.  They're going to have a lovely day:  drinking coffee, eating artisan pastries and taking pictures of each other's shoes.  What could possibly be a better way to spend your time? 


It's just a shame the world's about to end; and that they don't know what they want to eat; and that maybe they don't like each other that much after all.



Queen of Hearts

By Joanna Laurens

(September 2012)





A visualisation project for a prospective production of a new play by Joanna Laurens (Almeida, RSC, Gate Theatre). 


In the midst of a war whose origins no one can recall, a young girl is victimised by warfare, romance and the men who cause political strife. 


I visualised the play's surreal, dream landscape and nightmarish relationships with cut-and-paste collages in my notebook to match the formal patchwork of the poetic script, which imports songs and dances to meta-theatrically disrupt the narrative.




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