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Photo Credit: Horia Cojan



This work-in-progress industry showcase followed from initial development by the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. The result was a unique process that integrated script development and production dramaturgy. Over the course of one week I worked with actors and a creative team to develop a new draft of the script. We then spent a second week experimenting with different possibilities for the production’s staging and design.

The court found him not guilty by reason of insanity, but after escaping from a psychiatric hospital Conner is now confined to twenty-four hour observation. A nurse, new to the facility, is eager to uncover whether Conner is really crazy or just a charismatic criminal.

Director's Notes


More information coming soon.


By Chance Wayne

Etcetera Theatre (July 2017)


Starring: Michael Billington and Paul Holowaty

Set and Costumes: James Turner

Lighting: Jack Weir

Sound: Nick Manning


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